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A language should be a fun and an enjoyable adventure to learn!
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Swedish Courses

With a flexible schedule you can choose a morning, afternoon or evening class that covers conversation, grammar, Swedish culture and traditions. Our objective is to advance your Swedish, and to do so, we will work as a team. First, you will let us know your goals in studying Swedish, then we’ll personalize your lessons. A language should be a fun and an enjoyable adventure, and an opportunity to share our culture, customs and traditions with others. Hello Sweden will keep it simple! Everybody can learn Swedish and your classes will be fun and interesting. We strive to give you a comfortable environment that is ideal for learning.

The lessons will be held in Helsingborg (Tågaborg), student’s home or office in Skåne, or via Skype.

Learn Swedish via Skype

Online Skype lessons allow you the comfort and convenience of learning from any location you choose. Read more…http://www.hellosweden.education/learn-swedish-via-skype/

Swedish Conversation Course

This is an excellent opportunity for you to develop and improve your communication skills. The teacher will help you to improve your accuracy and fluency by carefully correcting mistakes and encouraging practice.  While conversation is the main aim of this course, some vocabulary and grammar may be covered to enable you to improve your speaking skills.

Are you an expat living in Skåne? Come over for coffee and a chat with other expats who also would like to improve their Swedish. Finding the opportunity to practice your Swedish in real life situations is not always so easy. In Helsingborg (Tågaborg), we practice in small groups of 3-6 students and you will learn to speak and understand Swedish in a relaxed and fun way.

Medical Swedish Course

This course is designed for doctors, registered nurses and others who work, or intend to work, in the Medical sector in Sweden.

The course covers medical terminology, practice in specialist vocabulary and a review of basic grammatical structures. It is oriented towards improving students basic vocabulary related to healthcare, so that they can communicate respectfully and effectively with Swedish speaking colleagues, patients and their families in the course of their daily work.

The course focus on:

  • improving general and social Swedish language skills and your pronunciation
  • enhancing your communication skills for dealing with Swedish-speaking patients and colleagues
  • developing specific vocabulary and expressions for Swedish used in the medical sector
  • working on writing medical reports, emails or case studies
  • working on your specific requests


For more information about the course please contact:

Hello Sweden Language Courses

E-mail: info@hellosweden.education

Phone: +46 735 022 321

Skype: charlotta.malmgren

Org. nr: 556985-3798


The lessons will be held in Helsingborg (Tågaborg), student’s home or office (in Helsingborg area), or via Skype.

Adress: Randersgatan 21D, 254 40 Helsingborg

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