Hej och välkommen till Hello Sweden!

My name is Charlotta and I am a Swedish native, born in Stockholm and grew up in Linköping, Östergötland. After 15 years abroad I’m finally back in Sweden again and now live in Helsingborg, Skåne. For over five years I was teaching Swedish as a foreign language in the Netherlands, both private and group lessons at the Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven and at Absoluut Zweeds. Even if I now live in Sweden I still teach many of my Dutch students via Skype, individual and group lessons. I have experience in teaching Swedish for children and adults, Swedish for Immigrants students (SFI), teaching test preparation, job interview training, medical Swedish and general conversation.

 In addition to tutoring, I also have the valuable experience of being a language student. As I’ve studied both French and Dutch, I have gained first-hand knowledge of being a learner. Having seen both the teacher and student perspectives has broadened my point of view and given me an insight to effectivly teaching languages. I’m very patient with my students because I know how difficult it can be to communicate in a foreign language.

I like to challenge and motivate my students but at the same time keep lessons fun and relaxed and I find that humor goes a long way in helping the learning process.